Varroa Mite Control

HopGuard® II has been field tested and scientifically proven to be a highly effective natural Varroa mite control system.  This unique miticide is derived from natural hop compounds, providing the beekeeper with a natural, safe and easy to use alternative to traditional harsh chemicals.

HopGuard® II promotes bee health and survivability naturally.  This food grade product is safe for the bees, the beekeeper and the environment. HopGuard® II is acceptable for use by Queen breeders, with no negative effects on Queen development, egg laying or drone sterility.

Easy to use

  • Each HopGuard® II kit contains 50 insert strips, ready for use.
  • Simply add HopGuard® II to hives at the rate of 2 insert strips per 10 frames.  Strips should be hung between frames.
  • HopGuard® II is most effective when used during the pre-pollination period (before sealed brood), mid-summer, and at the onset of winter brood development.
  • HopGuard® II may be applied up to 3 times per year, even during honey flow.

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